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What is a Phytoceramide?

So, you have heard about this newly FDA approved oral tablet that was recommended on the Dr. Oz show? This is a very cheap and safe alternative to remove 10 years of aged skin. Yes, it’s called Phytoceramides. Found in plants, this product is designed to provide moisture to your skin from the inside out. Along with rebuilding the broken down collagen that comes with aged skin. Rejuvenating the skin to remove years of aging. Results are quick. You will feel moisturized skin in the first day or two.

Reviews prove that people are seeing results!

Why are we just now hearing about it?

Again, just recently the FDA approved this oral supplements. With this, Dr. Oz decided to make one of his episodes all about phytoceramides. You can watch the video on youtube. It explains how the ceramides work to rebuild the collagen from the inside out, decreasing wrinkles and strenghtening our collagen back to our younger years form.

On the show, the plastic surgeons did recommend using a topical vitamin C at night for best results.

Where can you buy them?

Although I have yet to see phytoceramides on the shelves at Walgreens, people are saying they do indeed sell them. You can also check in the vitamins section of Walmart, Kroger, and your local grocery. However, the best place to buy phytoceramides are on Amazon. Here, you have the secure website of the multi-billion dollar company of Amazon, the selection is huge, and there are plenty of customer reviews and ratings to assist you in making the right choice.

Below are some of the pics we recommend from Amazon.

What are Ceramides

Ceramide are a waxy lipid molecule naturally found in the skin. They are used in lotions, cleansers, and different skin creams typically used for dry skin.


Ceramide is a kind of fat cell just under the skin serving as a barrier to germs and bacteria that could enter the bloodstream. When the body does not have enough ceramides your skin could itchy and sore. Resulting in eczema and psoriasis.


Japanese scientists have discovered a plant called konjac-tuber that has been in the Japanese diet for hundreds of years. The phytoceramide supplement has been used because it is a natural source with no reported side effects. The phytoceramide supplement is used to strengthen the skin barrier, therefore, preventing wrinkles as well as fighting disease.

Reviews from Phytoceramide users

It appears that these plant derived supplements really work! I have personally used them and I notice my overly dry skin has tons of moisture within 2 days!

I first purchased this along with Applied Nutrition Anti aging Total Body Daily Defense 1 year ago. I seen results within a month. I don't ever take time to write a reviee unless something is really good or bad.


56 yrs old

Phytoceramides are great. My slumpy cheeks almost completely disappeared. I have been using it for for more than a year. I'm not even sure if the injections I used to get at about $1000 a treatment were better.


39 yrs old

Phytoceramides have taken away all signs of Echymosis on my arms. I bought it for the purpose of adding more oxygen to my skin as well as moisture, but within six months, the red blotches were gone.


44 yrs old